Coaching education, entry level

The sports movement is a fantastic arena that engages many people, young and old, with different backgrounds, motivations, experiences and skills. Your commitment as a coach and leader is an essential part of the sport movement.

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Coaching education, entry level, in english, is based on current research and gives you a good foundation in your role as a coach. Great emphasis is placed on leadership, how you create good learning environments that enhances the motivation, active participation and thus enables the participants to learn and grow as human beings and athletes. You will also learn about the importance of developing a broad movement repertoire and how you can plan the training based on age and maturity status.

2023-05-06 09:00 - 17:00 in Kolla möteslokal in Kungsbacka
2023-05-20 09:00 - 17:00 in Göteborg


First occasion in Kolla möteslokal, Kungsbacka, Second occassion in Göteborg


lördag 6 maj 2023


Kl. 09.00


Kl. 17.00


Senast lördag 29 april 2023, kl. 00.00

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